Yes, major organic source is Ocean water, all our products are officially tested by an international authorized German Laboratory and all have official test certificates

At the production process during the stripping and concentration steps, the single element atoms- being heavier than the water matrix – collect at the bottom the production tanks and as single element atom they always have a white color

As long as you keep the lid of the bottle tightly closed, there is no fixed expiration time for our crème, however Mac-life-Plus guarantees always 3 months after opening. In case the bottle is not well closed, the crème may become thicker over time, even as extreme to become a high density product. By law we are required to show a expiration date this is shown on the product box.

Yes, as long as you have clean hands, however more hygienic would be to use a spatula or convect side of a small tea-spoon.

Warning: this crème may never be in contact with metals

No, there is no time limitation for the application – we know from many users that they apply   the crème maybe 1 hour before going to sleep, go to bed when the crème is dry (after 10 minutes for the Standard crème and 20 min. for the Extra crème) and leave this white powder residue where it has been applied to and then remove that residue next morning with clean water

Not really very stringent rules, but we always advise to store at ambient (= room) temperature in a room, not necessary to store in the refrigerator

there is a list available of about 15 different known applications – these are all skin applications, so for external use, for internal use Mac-life-Plus natural serum is advised to strengthen the immune system; all information may also be found in our manual and many scientific publications do exist reg. the various impacts of certain nutrients on our body

It is possible that certain traditional (= chemical) medicines do negatively interact with certain components of our crème. Please check with your doctor if specific medicines are used (heart, auto-immune diseases etc.)

Possible effect: You may or may not find that the crème has a supporting effect on the duration of the healing process and showing a shorter time of healing than ususal, when only the medicines are used. The decision to eventually substitute the usage of medicine complete by the usage of the crème only, is solely the decision of the crème-user – please do see our disclaimer in the manual

There is no reliable statistical data available about how old a scar may be and still be removed/reduced by using Revitalis natural® crème – however empirical data shows that scars not much older than about 12 months, may be reduced by 60-70%

there are about 15 different applications know, however sometimes our users inform us about new applications they have tried out by themselves – so this is a „living science “

yes, you can – this is one of the more popular applications – depending upon how serious the injury is, you may want to check with your doctor to find out if the wound needs to be stitched up or not. In any case you can apply the crème to the wound – we advise to use a thick layer of crème, which seems to allow the wound to develop a new skin quickly

Mac-life-Plus natural serum does not guarantee the healing of sickness of any kind but our serum enhances the immune system - on a voluntarily base, a number of people have used the serum with amazing positive and fast results, where the cancer disappeared within 10 days after the first skin application. We have advised in such cases also a dietary daily intake (dissolve 3 ml of Mac-life-Plus natural serum in 1 Glas of water, in serious cases up to 5 ml instead of 3 ml).

Yes, we have found by experience in a test tattoo shops and confirmed by tattoo-customers, that the skin irritation (little pain, itching, red color) stopped quite quickly, in average the skin healed 2x faster than when usual products are applied

Dietary intake is advised to strenghten the immune system and as such it can support an external natural crème application

We advise in general as standard 3 ml (max. 5 ml) into a standard glass of water and drink this 1x per day, preferably in the morning before eating.

No, Mac-life-Plus natural serum, which is used for dietary intake, has no taste at all, so is neutral on the palate

Yes – since Mac-Life-Plus creme eases all kind of pain very quickly, some users have tried it out on the gums when a tooth has been extracted and report that the pain immediately disappeared

Since Aloe Vera has many very healthy components (Calcium, Kalium, Magnesium, Natrium and Iron – as well as for the Micro-Nutrients Manganese, Chromium, Zink und Copper)

However, we advise to use only Mac-life-Plus natural serum for dietary intake, since sometimes the Aloe Vera oil may still contain some Aloin, a compound which causes diarrhea; also some people are allergic for Aloe Vera