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Mac-Life-Plus: excellent alternative to present methods for cosmetics, body health support, wellness and beauty applications

External skin Cosmetic application as well as the daily intake of 1 glass of serum-water-mix as Dietary Supplement

Numerous application trials with humans, animals and plants during last 2 years started to collect data since 06.2016

First license for Cosmetic Usage in Thailand

Germany (EU) registration as Dietary Supplement; Cosmetic license in process

Additional licenses in Thailand and other countries for Dietary Supplement, Cosmetics, Agriculture in process

A Natural and Unique Approach to Support your Health

License Nr.: 10-6049888 (Thailand); 101.11101.0.090039 (2017 DE) ; International pending

Mac-life-Plus natural facial mask cream

Supports restoration of Immune system

Rejuvenates your skin Improves and boosts natural healing process of wounds and sicknesses Tightens skin and reduces wrinkles Gives an all over youthful appearance

Dietary Supplement Application – scientifically proven Effects:

Rejuvenates your body Supports body own efforts to heal sickness Improves blood circulation Improves digestion


Millions of women use facial masks regularly to make their skin softer, smoother and more radiant.

But here at Mac-Life-Plus, our team was determined to show you there is a better way.

Introducing Miracle Mineral Face Mask,

the superior skin serum – one of the most advanced face masks you’ll ever use.

This exciting new face mask will put you on the fast track to a flawless-looking skin while it absorbs the most wonderful, natural array of nutrients.

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Mac-life-Plus natural serum beneficial characteristics summary in a nutshell:

From maintaining a healthy heart rate and building strong bones to making hormones and boosting brain power, minerals are very important for a healthy body and mind. As they can’t be produced by the body, they have to be obtained by following a wholesome diet that is full of mineral-rich foods.

Here are 10 essential minerals (some scientists mention 16 in total) required by the body and they are all present in Mac-life-Plus organic products plus much more:CALCIUM – MAGNESIUM – PHOSPHORUS – IRON – ZINC – SODIUM – SELENIUM – POTASSIUM – IODINE – MANGANESE

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Disclaimer: Mac-life-Plus natural serum may not be used/seen as Medical Product or Medicine as described in the Law on Medicines. All information described here is just informative and may not be seen as replacement for a medical treatment

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